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Reports and Results

Fall Tournament November 9th and 10th 2013

On a beautiful Florida fall weekend Tampa Bay Grasshoppers hosted their Veterans weekend fall tournament as they celebrated their tenth anniversary. Visiting Tampa from Miami were Miami Surf ladies and men's team, Florida International Men's team , and the young and well coached Aventuras ladies team. Both Tampa Bay ladies and Tampa Bay men got off to good starts by winning their opening games. But that was the signal for the younger teams to exploit the older teams as both Aventuras and Surf men displayed a very high level of hockey and fitness that helped propel Surf to an unbeaten six game streak. The young Aventuras defeated the older Surf Ladies team in all three rounds but suffered twice to the older Tampa Bay Ladies who in turn lost all three of their round games to Surf ladies. Aventura Ladies ended as the Ladies Champions winning four of their six games. Surf men were the victorious Men's Champion, On the whole a very clean and enjoyable tournament. The results are below for your pleasure.

Round #1AventSurf-WTBG-W
Surf-M 3-09-0
TBG-M0-3 11-0
Round #2AventSurf-WTBG-W
Surf-M 4-04-1
TBG-M0-4 4-0
Round #3AventSurf-WTBG-W
Surf-M 3-04-1
TBG-M0-3 4-0


Round #1AventSurf-WTBG-W
Avent 3-10-1
Surf-W1-3 3-0
Round #2AventSurf-WTBG-W
Avent 2-12-1
Surf-W1-2 2-1
Round #3AventSurf-WTBG-W
Avent 2-00-1
Surf-W0-2 4-0



Miami Surf Tournament March 17th & 18th 2012

We have completed another weekend of competitive hockey in Miami. This past weekend the club traveled to Miami to participate in the Miami Cup hosted by the Miami Surf Field Hockey Club. It is always good to get the club together for those out of town trips, we are truly one big family. Day one of the tournament consisted of three games. Game #1 ended in a close loss to the Surf A team with a score of 3-2. Game # 2 ended as as 1-1 draw against Atlanta. Game # 3 completed our Saturday with a win against Miami Surf B team 4 - 2.

The Saturday night social was held at the Lucky Clover Irish Pub where we did what we do best. I must say the entire club had a great time and we partied as a family. Some of us got "lucky" at the Lucky Clover and other, well not so lucky. I hope those lucky ones enjoyed the "International Delight".

Sunday began with a 2 -0 lost to Boston/Ft. Lauderdale Strikers who combined a team due to the lack of players for each team. That loss placed us in the 3rd & 4th place position respectively which meant we had to play that team again. There was not a "playoff" in the tournament. We completed the day with another loss to Boston/Ft. Lauderdale Strikers 2 - 0.

All in all, it was a good trip and fun competitive hockey for the club. Our lack of playing/practicing together showed on day two of the tournament with a lot of simple mistakes which we can all improve on. The club would like to thank Erica and Joe who traveled from the UK to play with us. We would also like to thank Devon for going to get the club water on both Saturday and Sunday while we were all busy playing on the field. Finally would also like to thank the two UT ladies Bryana and Emily for traveling and playing with the club.


Veterans weekend fall 2011 tournament report

This year's tournament went well. There were three men's team and six ladies teams entered. Unfortunately neither MiaCuba men, Miami International ladies, Florida State, University of Miami and University of Tampa did not enter. The men's division was a runaway for Miami Surf as they were the best men's team present therefore taking the gold medals and trophy. They defeated both Ft. Lauderdale Strikers and host Tampa Bay Grasshoppers. Tampa Bay men won over Strikers therefore securing the silver medals. In the ladies division Tampa Bay ladies who won one and tied three games in their first round, qualified for the semifinals by finishing third ranked. They proceeded to win over the young and upcoming Aventura young ladies. They had to wait on the outcome of the other semifinals between early favourites Miami Surf Ladies and the hungry USF ladies. This game ended in a tie and went into sudden death penalty strokes. Surprise outcome of the game saw the hungry USF lades win over Miami Surf. This set up an all Tampa final between Tampa Bay Grasshoppers (TBG) and the University Of South Florida (USF), A very close game throughout, The young USF team kept the more experienced TBG ladies busy. Just before half time TBG converted from a short corner and held on to that lead for the rest of the game. It was satisfying for TBG ladies as they made amends for their poor showing in Atlanta. They are now proud holders of the gold medals and the first place trophy. TBG lead the visiting teams to their annual Saturday night get together with their best party to date. Entertaining music throughout the evening. A job well done. Congratulations to both teams.


Atlanta tournament 2011 report

Atlanta 2011 saw the largest contingent of hockey players representing Tampa Bay Grasshoppers, as we had thirty two players entered for this tournament. Last year our ladies team lost the semifinal game by a two to one margin to the eventual winners Miami International. This year we were excited at the possibility of returning to the semifinal. Unfortunately we did not make it out of the division as we failed to get amongst the winners. Indeed a huge disappointment. We didn't play up to the level we played at last year. Personally I felt the team was not committed as they were the previous year. The ladies were never out in full numbers in preparation for the tournament. Other distractions presented itself as certain members wanted to concentrate on special set plays rather than the overall game. Hopefully they learnt their lesson. However they enjoyed themselves tremendously on Saturday evening at the banquet. The Grasshoppers are known for their great display of "How to enjoy oneself at a party". The dance floor was never empty. The men's team lost their first game to the host team as we failed to score from numerous short corners while Atlanta scored on their two opportunities. Their second game against Miami Surf saw us play the best hockey of the tournament for the first twenty minutes. Once again we failed to convert on our penalty corners and ended up losing this game also. Their next two games they won comfortably but it was too little to late as we lost on goal average from making it into the semi final. Hopefully we know now what we have to work on prior to tournaments. A good time had by everyone. Better results next time. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.


End of Season Tournament Saturday 11th December 2010

Thank you all for an enjoyable end of season tournament. Congratulations to Warren and his Tampa Bay East team that took home the winning medals, also congratulations to Tampa Bay South runners up led by Mike. Great fun had by all in attendance.


Veterans Weekend Hockey Tournament 2010

Tampa Bay Grasshoppers hosted its Seventh Annual Fall Tournament this past weekend. On a rather cold Saturday morning by Florida standards, the first game was played in fifty degree Fahrenheit. New comers USF was up against Miami International, Atlanta Cup Ladies Champions of last month. Miami had some difficulty beating the younger and faster USF students but prevailed by a one nothing margin. Then USF were up against Tampa Bay Ladies team. The experience Tampa Bay Ladies won comfortably by a two to nothing margin. Finally the clash between the Argentineans of Miami and Tampa Bay Ladies. A close game through out but the Miami ladies were better goal scorers and won by a two to nothing margin. Then the Mixed division began with Mia Cuba first team (MIC#1) beating Miami Surf second team (MSO) by a five to two margin. The rolls changed in the next game as Miami Surf first team (MSW) easily defeated Mia Cuba second team (MIC#2) by a seven to one margin. Then came the young and improving Ft Lauderhill Strikers up against Tampa Bay first team (TBGE). A very fast and aggressive game which resulted in a one to nothing win for the Strikers. Tampa Bay lost its captain Ravi as he got hit on the knee during a short corner attempt by Strikers. The next game saw Tampa Bay second team (TBGW) up against Mia Cuba first team. Mia Cuba continued on their victorious way by easily winning by a six to two margin. Then followed the Miami Surf first team (MSW) challenging Tampa Bay first team (TBGE). Another good game by both teams ending in a three to two victory for Miami Surf. (MSW). The final game for Saturday saw Mia Cuba second team (MIC#2) opposing Tampa Bay second team (TBGW). Tampa Bay woke up and out played Mia Cuba to a five to three margin. With three unbeaten teams in the Mixed division and one unbeaten Ladies team everyone headed to the Best Western Hotel where Tampa Bay was hosting their first Tournament social gathering for the visiting teams. Indeed a pleasure to see the presence of the visiting teams in the room with such glowing smiles of having an enjoyable time. Many thanks to the committee of Laura Roxanne and Phillip for making it happen...

Sunday's temperature was the same but less windy so it was comfortable to be on the field. A disappointing start for Sunday as USF did not field a team to complete their schedule. How ever the teams were anxious to compete and we saw some great games. Miami International defeated Tampa Bay Ladies to become the 2010 Fall Ladies Champions. Mara Grossi was unopposed as the MVP of the Ladies Division. The Mixed Division had some key games that day to decide the final ranking of the teams. Miami Surf first team (MSW) completed the first round with a three win, one draw from four games amassing a total of 10 points closely followed by Miami Surf second team (MSO) with three wins and one lost with nine points. Strikers were next with seven points from four games with a two wins, one draw and one lost game to earn seven points. The toss up for the fourth position saw both Mia Cuba first team (MIC#1) and Tampa Bay first team (TBGE) tied with the six points. Tampa Bay had a better goal average and thus qualified to meet Miami Surf first team (MSW) in the first semi final. Another close game like their first encounter and similar results as MSW won by a two to one margin. In the other semi final Miami Surf second team (MSO) was up against Ft. Lauderhill Strikers. In this semi final MSO was no match for the hungry Strikers as they won by a four to nothing margin.

This set up a show down between Strikers and MSW as they drew goalless in their earlier encounter. With umpires Christine Hutchinson and Clement Scantlebury in control the game began at a fast and aggressive speed. In the fourth minute of play Peter Thompson deflected a pass past kicking back Romain Lindo (Robo) to go one up. Eight minutes later Strikers got the equalizer as the fast pace and aggressive play continued. In the eighteenth minute Strikers captain Leon Kerr was given a yellow card. A minute later MSW went ahead with a goal from Nico. Half time came with the score at two to one in favour of MSW. With the resumption of play the level of play continued and within six minutes of the start of play with captain Leon Kerr back on the field Strikers got the equalizer. As Wesley found the nets. Entertaining play continued and in the thirty fifth minute Strikers went ahead as Captain Leon Kerr scored from a penalty corner. Miami Surf fought back and got the tying goal three minutes later off of Rafa De Groot. The game ended in a three all tie. Penalty strokes was the next step and without little ado Ft. Lauderhill Strikers emerge victorious scoring three of four penalty flicks as Miami Surf failed to convert on their turn. MVP of the Mixed Division was Romain Lindo better known as Robo.

Many thanks to all participating clubs.
A good tournament and an enjoyable one for all who attended.

Team#PlayedWinDrawLoseGoals ForGoals AgainstPoints

Team#PlayedWinDrawLoseGoals ForGoals AgainstPoints


Atlanta tournament 2010

Once more many thanks to all our members who journeyed to Atlanta for a good tournament.

Our men representing Florida first team included Warren, Ravi, Phillip and Chris. These four gentlemen gave 110% as they worked extremely hard to try and bring the trophy to Florida. Indeed a pleasure to see both Phillip and Christ amongst the goal scorers. Ravi's hard work in the middle was quite fluent as his team mates looked to him quite often thus giving him the ball as often as they can. Unfortunately when it got to the finals all the above was forgotten and lack on leadership on the field cost them the trophy. Warren eventually got into his stride and played some magnificent hockey on the right flank. It was a pleasure to look at these four playing at that level.

Florida second team was built around Charlie, Adeel. Rob, Adam and Thomas. Unfortunately this team never played together prior to Atlanta, and it showed by their inability to know what each other is capable of doing. Also the Cubans do not speak English nor do we speak Spanish. So it took some time to settle down. Yes they lost the first two games on Saturday but they were not blown out as they kept themselves competitive, and they were in the game to the end. Sunday morning was a sure disappointment. Tampa members were ready to play the first game which was schedule to begin at 8.30.am. Unfortunately the Miami members were not present. We were playing against Bermuda Polecats the eventual tournament winners. They game began promptly and we started with seven players Manny Morales and Sammy Roberts being the other two members. Bermuda scored twice before half time as our southern team mates arrived just before half time. At the resumption of the game Florida #2 scored and began to press as we were now a full team. We played gallantly but couldn't find the equalizer. Thus we lost a tough one 2 to 1. Another tremendous effort by all. Thomas and Rob up front, with Adam and Adeel in the midfield. And Charlie in the defense. Then to our ladies who almost gave me a heart attack. Our first game at 8.30 on Saturday morning was up against Miami. Our Argentinean neighbours. Our history showed we have never beaten them. BUT our Lady Grasshoppers went unto the field and elevated their game. I have never seen us play at that level for an entire game. We hustled, played team defense and kept them at bay. Half time came and the score remained goalless. We actually held Miami to no goals in a half. We took the field for the second half and our senior forward Tammi connected with a shot to goal to put us one up. Sure upsetting for our Miami neighbours. We had even exchange of play for the second half. Susan came up big on some penalty corners as she blocked them all. With a minute and a half left in the game a mistake in our defense allowed Miami to score to tie the game. Yes we should have won as we played extremely well. Disappointment came when our ladies allowed weaker opposition to lower our level of play. This cost us the two games against the Atlanta based teams. With the round completed we ended up with a win against last years winners Team Philly, who were without half their team, a draw and two in the lost column. This put us in fourth position. The luck of the draw has the highest ranked team Miami versus the fourth ranked team. Yes we were up against Miami again. Like the opening game we played well and forced a couple of short corners without success. The half ended goalless once more. The second half both teams went at each other and we were playing the better game as Miami began to tire. With about five minutes left the thought of sudden death penalty strokes entered my mind. Who are the confident ones are the questions. Yes we have Nicole and Sharla and others. BUT WHO is that confident to go up first as it is sudden death. While that thought hanged in my head it came down to two minutes left, and we were still giving Miami a run for their life. We made a basic mistake and Miami won the ball and little Stephanie put it past Susan... We played exceptionally well. I was quite proud as to how well we played. How together the team was. It was indeed a pleasure to be a part of this 2010 history of Tampa Bay getting into the semi finals for the first time. I do hope it will continue to foster itself into something great. Many thanks from our Ohio teammates in Melinda Curran and Shari Matkin. Unfortunately Lynda Carey was forced out due to illness. Lynda I hope you have recovered. We look forward to seeing you here in Tampa on November 6th & 7th. Last but not least thank you Adam for flying in to be a part of the Grasshoppers. Once more many thanks to all for a great weekend in Atlanta, including those who worked feverishly


July 3rd tournament 2010

July 3rd tournament was an enjoyable one. To see how this United Nations hockey team came together through the love for the game of field hockey was just wonderful and enjoyable. Sorry that more of our members were not available to join us to make it even more successful and enjoyable an event. Many thanks to all who attended and contributed to this event. A special thanks to those who volunteered to umpire and to Adeel for his tremendous marking of the field.

Competition was keen with Tampa Bay Blue leading at the end of the first round, followed by Tampa Bay White who was ahead of Tampa Bay Red. Our annual Ladies versus Gents saw the men barely edging out the ladies.

Indeed a fun filled day.


Veterans Weekend Hockey Tournament November 7th & 8th

Veterans Weekend Tournament 2009 was not the exciting, enjoyable, competitive tournament we have grown accustomed to. Other than the host Tampa Bay Grasshoppers (TBG) the other clubs in attendance all showed up short of players. Present were Gray Dogs, Florida State University (FSU), Central Florida Field Hockey Association (CFFHA), for the mixed division, and University of South Florida (USF) for the all ladies division. Unfortunately Surf could not make it, and UM dropped out at the last minute, and Miami FHC could not make it. So Saturdays schedule ran 90% without a glitch. The glitch appeared in the form of CFFHA not completing their three game commitments, as half their players had to leave due to prior commitments. That really knocked the wind out of the organizing committee. However a friendly game was played in its place. On Sunday it became a hockey festival rather than a tournament. The net result being all who played enjoyed themselves to the fullest, as there were lots to eat and drink.

The positives to take away with you were the first appearance of USF club team in a tournament. USF played creditably well even winning against FSU. Great for a first appearance. TBG setting standards of running a tournament, having two mixed teams for the mixed division (TBGEast & TGBWest) and two teams for the ladies division (TBGNorth & TBGSouth). A lot of hard work done by the organizing committee, great job well done.
2009 showed a disappointing year for tournaments. Although TBG kicked off the 2009 Florida Field Hockey 7X7 League in March, all clubs were not represented. Following that in April Gray Dogs tournament failed due to lack of support from our Florida based clubs. In May Surf held their memorial weekend tournament and it ran successful, but once more all clubs were not represented. In July in Orlando Central Florida Field Hockey Association tournament also failed due to lack of support. The difficulty is finding out from the current crop of players what will they support as far as tournaments or league goes! What will they commit to! Hopefully I‘ll get the right answers so we can move forward to a successful 2010.

Thanks to the teams that participated. See you in 2010.


Atlanta tournament October 3rd & 4th 2009

Another tournament under the belt. Many thanks to the fourteen members who journeyed to Miami to represent us. Results of the three games played showed we lost to Miami Surf#2 defeated MiaCuba soundly 9 - 3 and lost to Miami Field Hockey Club 6 - 3. Officially we finished third in the tournament.


FFHA League Opener March 7th and 8th 2009

No.TimeTeam TeamResult
19:00Miami Surf 1'svsTampa Bay SOUTH9:0
29:50Miami Surf 2'svsUM MiaCuba1:0
310:40Tampa Bay NORTHvsUM 'Canes2:3
411:30Miami Surf 1'svsCentral Florida1:0
512:20Tampa Bay NORTHvsUM MiaCuba1:0
61:10Miami Surf 2'svsTampa Bay SOUTH2:2
72:00Central FloridavsUM 'Canes0:1
82:50Miami Surf 1'svsTampa Bay NORTH2:1
93:40Central FloridavsUM MiaCuba0:0

No.TimeTeam TeamResult
109:00Tampa Bay SOUTHvsUM 'Canes1:3
119:50Miami Surf 2'svsCentral Florida1:0
1210:40Miami Surf 1'svsUM 'Canes2:2
1311:30Tampa Bay SOUTHvsUM MiaCuba1:0
1412:20Miami Surf 2'svsTampa Bay NORTH0:4
151:10 (Semi-final#1)Miami Surf 1'svsTampa Bay NORTH3:1
162:00 (Semi-final#2)UM 'CanesvsMiami Surf 2's3:2
173:00 ((Finals)Miami Surf 1'svsUM 'Canes5:0

After A rough start with the late withdrawal of Gray Dogs and later, the disappearance of Mia Cuba late on Saturday afternoon, compounded by the announcement by Central Florida of their inability to appear for their Sunday schedule of games was enough to crash any competition. However the resilience of Florida Field Hockey Association was tested and came through with flying colours. The League opener was a success as we got more than half of the league teams to play each other to meet the first year goal of one round of games. Now we have eight months for the rest of the teams to play each other to complete the first round.

Results from this weekend proved Miami Surf's program is working as they were unbeaten in all of their games including the finals of the play-off comfortably winning over UM′ Canes. Congratulations to Miami Surf and to UM′ Canes. There were 17 games scheduled for this weekend. Opening the league was Tampa Bay South versus Miami Surf-1. TBS did not warm up and paid dearly as a young and hungry MS-1 pounced on them and scored early and rapidly giving TBS no hope of ever getting into the game. The net result was 9 to nothing wake up call for TBS. As Saturdays schedule ran its course there were some exciting games and some agitated games as some male players displayed a lack of self control when calls or lack of calls weren′t in their favour. In game 5 where Tampa Bay North came up against Mia Cuba one player from Mia Cuba got hit on his hand that would require stitches. This was the final straw as the members of Mia Cuba became very irate and began complaining bitterly about the officiating. Net result is that they left the tournament without a word. It was now time for game #6 which I thought was the best played game for the day between Tampa Bay South and Miami Surf-2. Both teams with equal strength fought hard for forty minutes with now one giving up nor conceding. The game ended in a two all tie deserving as both teams played their hearts out to the pleasure of the crowd. When it was time for game 9 that is when it was discovered that Mia Cuba was absent. This meant Central Florida traveled this distance not to play a scheduled game. Following that discovery, Central Florida′s President then announce that they would not be back on Sunday to complete their scheduled games. Not the right thing to do. When you knew before leaving Orlando that you could not field a team on Sunday you should have been up front with that so the schedule could be rearranged again to accommodate you and not infuriate others. Thus Saturday ended on a down note.

Sunday morning under beautiful weather Game #10 between Tampa Bay South and UM′ Canes began the day on a good note as UM' Canes out last TBS to win 3 to 1.The second game was between Tampa Bay North and Miami Surf-2. For a change TBN began on a more serious note and won over a very spirited MIS-2 by a 4 to nothing margin. The third game was a match up with the two unbeaten teams Miami Surf-1 (MIS-1) and UM' Canes. An exciting game that could have gone either way. UM' Canes came from behind to earn a two all draw. This left MIS-1 as the number one seed followed by UM' Canes as the #2 seed and Miami Surf-2(MIS-2) as the #3 seed followed by Tampa Bay North(TBN) with the #4 seed. First Semi final was between MIS-1 and TBN and after a close first ten minutes MIS-1 just took over winning by a 3 vs 1 margin. The second semi-final was between MIS-2 and UM' Canes which UM' Canes handled but not before MIS-2 gave them tough time to the end. This was the demise of UM' Canes as now they had to take a brief rest and be ready for the final against a hungry MIS-1. The writing was on the wall as the fresher and younger legs of MIS-1 took control and never looked back scoring five goals without reply. An end to the history making FFHA 7X7 League Opening. With Perfect weather and perfect hosts one could only look forward to future league dates where TB can play at the level we know they are capable of. Hats off to all in attendance and to the membership of TBG for putting on a good show.
(by Jeff G.)


Veterans Weekend Hockey Festival November 8th & 9th 2008

On the weekend of November 8th and 9th 2008 at Glen Oaks Park in Clearwater Florida, Tampa Bay Grasshoppers hosted their fifth Annual Veterans Weekend field hockey tournament. Defending champions Gray Dogs were taken to sudden death penalty flicks to out flick this time the host Tampa Bay Grasshoppers East after a one all tie at the end of regulation.
At the end of the round robin host team Tampa Bay Grasshoppers East was in first place having finished unbeaten, drawing with Miami Surf 1 - 1, defeating Florida State University 3 - 0, University of Miami 1 - 0, and defeating Gray Dogs 2-1. In second place were Gray Dogs and Miami Surf ended in third place in Pool - A. While in Pool - B University of Miami finished first ahead of Tampa Bay Grasshoppers West followed by Florida State University. In the first semi finals host Tampa Bay Grasshoppers East came up against first Timers University of Miami. After trying to feel each other out in the first half, TBGE ended the first half three goals to one. After the interval TBGE moved the ball around much better and were later rewarded with two more goals with out reply, thus qualifying by a 5 - 1 margin.. . In the second semi-finals Miami Surf came out strong and very determined to get to the finals. But a very aggressive Gray Dogs had other ideas. The first half was even and ended in a one all tie. In the second half Gray Dogs turned up their intensity and aggression and went ahead three to one before Miami Surf began pressing back. They were rewarded with a goal from Jelle to come with in one with time running out and the game became rough and patience was running low Miami Surf allowed the umpiring to take them out of their game. Even though they had the greater opportunities they failed to score from the field of play, Jelle called his team off before the short corner was taken, thus leaving Gray Dogs to face Tampa Bay Grasshoppers East in the finals...
Congratulations to Charles Sang, Michael Serrette and the Gray Dogs. A special THANKS to all those who umpired under some unwarranted abuse by the players. Umpires you must remember that the game is not a game unless there are umpires. Without the umpires it is only a scrimmage.
Some of the bright spots of the tournament were: - Gray Dogs midfielder Wesley who won the MVP of the tournament with his relentless energy at both ends of the field.Tampa Bay Grasshoppers paid homage to their one and only member from Paraguay Christian Magrini who is returning to Paraguay to help develop the sport of field hockey. He was presented with a plaque and $100. gift. We will miss his strong play in the defense, his team spirit and his enthusiasm for the game.
Tampa Bays ability to organize and run a tournament. once more looks quite promising. Though disappointment struck again when minute cancellation of Central Florida Field Hockey Association last. This makes it twice in two years.
A SPECIAL THANKS also goes out to all the Grasshoppers for their effort in supplying food and drinks for all in attendance and their marvelous way of cleaning up after the event. Injured players Jasmine, Jermin and Roxanne thanks for coming out and contributing. Mike Hawkins and Renee Cropper on the technical table. The Friday morning team of Adam, Mike and Chris under Roxanne's directions helped tremendously in marking the field.
On the whole a good job well done.
Finally we like to take this opportunity to thank Devon of FSU and Josefina at UM for their hard work in getting their respective teams to their very first tournament in Tampa. We do appreciate it and we look forward to seeing you in the spring of 2009. Field Hockey is growing in Florida. We can now identify nine teams in the state and we are looking for the first event of Florida Field Hockey Association League... Congratulations to all.

Name of TeamAbbreviation
University of Miami HurricanesUMH
Florida State UniversityFSU
Gray DogsG.Dogs
Miami SurfSurf
Tampa Bay Grasshoppers EastTBGE
Tampa Bay Grasshoppers WestTBGW




Atlanta Cup on the Columbus Day weekend October 11th and 12th 2008

The Florida Field Hockey Association (FFHA) took a massive step in the right direction this past weekend as they fielded no fewer than three teams in the 2008 Atlanta Cup. Florida United (MEN’S DIVISION) and Tampa Bay Grasshoppers (WOMEN’S DIVISION) joined the well traveled Miami Flamingos at the annual event, with the Sunshine State-based teams making up 20% of the weekend’s competion (a great showing by all accounts).
All teams put forth great efforts and represented Florida with pride.
The women’s division boasted no fewer than nine teams traveling from all across the States and Bermuda. Tournament newcomers, Tampa Bay Grasshoppers, had a very tough draw facing the LUCKY DRAGONS (2007 Winners, 2006 Runners-Up), CHICAGO FHC (2006 Winners), VINTAGE ATLANTA and the ATLANTA MAJESTICKS (2005 & 2003 Runners-Up). Having put forth great efforts they finally got their reward against Vintage Atlanta. After large spells of sustained pressure the Grasshoppers were unlucky not to take all three points. It was the homeside that held on as the Lady Grasshoppers secured the first point in their team’s short history. Read more at www.gfha.org.


Miami Surf Five-a-side tournament on Memorial Weekend May 24th and 25th 2008

Thanks to all who attended the tournament in Miami. To summarize the weekend, we defeated the mighty Grey Dogs(2-1) to advance to the semifinal game against Miami Surf Team B/2 who we eventually lost a heart breaker to in overtime. Thanks to Laura, Chris, Theniel ( female MVP), Gregory, Amanda, Jasmine, Christine for a wonderful weekend. We played very competitive Hockey and can honestly say we saw the results of those tedious drills Jeff makes us do every Saturday. Day one consisted of a loss to the Grey Dogs and a tie of Miami Surf Team B/ 2 before the rainout of the rest of the games. Day 2 of the tournament was great, which consisted of a opening loss to Cincinatti (6 to 5) who won the tournament, a win against Miami Surf Team A, a win against University of Miami, a win against the Grey Dogs(eilimination game 2-1) and the eventual overtime heartbreaker loss to Miami Surf Team B/2 in the semifinals. Miami Surf Team B played in the finals against Cincinatti who won the tournament. Overall it was a great weekend.


Gray Dogs Spring Tournament Saturday 19th April 2008 Eleven a-side in Ft. Lauderdale

Read more at http://graydogsfhc.blogspot.com/


2008 Spring Tournament Results

The results of 2008 Spring tournament saw Miami Surf win both the Saturday Six-a-side tournament and the Sunday Eleven-a-side Tournaments. Credit the Surf for playing consistently at a high level and demonstrating a high level of discipline both on and off the field. Both Saturday and Sunday tournaments were conducted under a Round Robin format. Congratulations to Degsy on creating such a club and to all the members who represented them in Degsy’s absence. A special congratulations goes out to Nico for leading the Miami Surf in this tournament.


2008 Winter Results

2008 Winter Results. On Dr. Martin Luther King’s weekend, Tampa Bay held its Six-a-side Tournament at Phillip Jones Park. Victorious was The Central Florida Field Hockey Association of Orlando lead by Samuel Jason Roberts. A great effort from CFFHA as they rose to the occasion defeating Tampa Bay ???? in a close final. Congratulations to Sammy and his Orlando members.


End of year 2007 6-a-side results

2007 End of Season came to an exciting end as TB-North defeated TB-South 3 – 2 in a close Final. The Six-a-side competition which was implemented to keep the momentum of the newly acquired membership moving forward with a competitive spirit and team camaraderie concluded on a high note. The teams as they were selected were:

 Dec. 1Dec. 8Dec. 15
Nigel  X
TammyX X
Corinna  A
 Dec. 1Dec. 8Dec. 15
 Dec. 1Dec. 8Dec. 15
Jonathon  X
ThliaX X
Vanessa  A
 Dec. 1Dec. 8Dec. 15
ShashiX X
Stacey X 

In the first semi-final between TB-North and TB-East turned out to be a one sided affair as TB-East being depleted by the serious injury to their “energizer bunny” team leader Ravi Kullar (fracture of the knuckle in three places on his left hand), was no match for the more experience and TB-North. TB-North was led by the relentless Amy Dalrymple and her experienced Trini counter part Nigel Lobo who had TB-East on the defensive from the beginning of the game. With the inclusion of Jonathon Bull and stand-in Jeff Grosvenor TB-East could not keep TB-North out of their circle. Net result was a five to nothing defeat for TB-East. In the second semi-final, TB-South came up against TB-West. The Diane Shane and Roland Satchel led TB-South held on to defeat a TB-West team led by Charles Joseph and Shashi Ketu by a 2 – 1 margin. TB-West was without their female stars Stacey Palazzio and Teneille Williams while TB-South was short of their solid sweeper Chris Magrini. In a keenly competitive game the Southerners out lasted the Westerners. This set up a third and fourth place game between TB-East and TB-West. Although TB-East got some much needed help from Thalia Chance-Chin and the late arrival of Tomas Mensah. The solid experience of TB-West was too much for TB-East to handle thus falling 5 – 1 to the official third place finisher TB-West. The stage was now set for the finals between TB-North and TB-South. Umpires for the game were Jonathon Bull and Jeff Grosvenor. From the first whistle TB-South were on the attack as Diane Shane and Tara Whittaker continuously attacked the Northerners and were eventually rewarded when Tara Whittaker put the ball pass kicking back Nigel Logo to go one up. TB-North began fighting back and leveled the score within six minutes. The game became extremely competitive as the teams became more aggressive in attempting to secure victory. TB-South took the lead once more from a penalty corner execution to go up 2 – 1. TB-North energizer Amy Dalrymple then turned it up another notch and pushed the TB-South on the defensive from where they forced a few penalty corners thus equalizing with a flick off the stick of Nigel Lobo. From here on any team scoring first would be the winner as both teams pressed on for the winning goal. TB-North was the eventual winner by a 3 – 2 margin. A good show by all.

At the end of the finals there was an after game get together where everyone in attendance were treated to some tasty Trini dish of Pelau put together by Chef Nigel Lobo. Anyone interested in the recipe can email Nigel at nlobo[at]worldnet.att.net. Irish Soda bread supplied by our one and only Irish member Susan Mulvey. Food and drinks were present and everyone had an enjoyable afternoon. The food and drinks was followed by the Awards Ceremony. Although Invited Guess Mr. Robert Carpenter was unable to attend, master of ceremonies proceeded with the program. Winners of the Six-a-side League went to TB-North, with TB-South as the runner up. Surprise awards went out to the youths of Tampa Bay Grasshoppers. In attendance to receive their award for outstanding performance for the year 2007 were the Grasshoppers bright hopefuls Lindsey Nerbonne and Thalia Chance-Chin. These are two very promising young ladies that are expected to reach great heights in this sport. Absent was our Durham sisters who have a lot of skill that the coaches would like to bring out but need their commitment. Also absent was the up and promising goal keeper Joshua Torres. This is a talented goal keeper and wonderful young gentleman. These five youngsters bring a lot of hope to the Grasshoppers who are hoping to expand on these acquisitions. In recognition for the number of year’s service and dedication to the sport of Field Hockey in the Tampa and Clearwater areas the following were awarded:

Kathleen Fitzgerald with her relentless pursuit of finding players by posting flyers in and around Clearwater being our liaison between us and the City of Clearwater Parks & Recreation. When ever she speaks to anyone with a foreign accent the phenomenal questions pops out “do you play field hockey” this resulted in Michael and John and Nadine Bull membership to the club.

Susan Mulvey who would go through her company’s list of Newspapers and Magazines that they did business with and sent them articles about our club to put adds in their sports section.

Antje Kuschay-Dwehus using her company notice boards to attract other foreign players plus her huge contribution of creating, maintaining and funding our website.

Then our mother of two, when she first came out she was just a newly wed. After a second honeymoon in West Palm Beach as a member of Tampa Bay Grasshoppers at the USFHA Hockey Festival 2004 she scored some tremendous goals both on and off the field. That began the new chapter in her life of motherhood our one and only Tammi Dial.

And our two New Tampa natives who will show up every Saturday like clock work one killing you with his stick work and energy and the other one talking you to death Ravi Kullar and Charlie Joseph. They have all contributed whole heartedly from day one.

Finally on behalf of all of the TB Grasshoppers if this gentleman was not true to his word we would not have been here to celebrate this day. As he kept his promise to always supply us with a field for hockey and as we see he has not failed Mr. Bob Carpenter.

A special thank you also went out to all the volunteer umpires we had over the past three Saturdays.


Veterans Weekend Tournament Results

On the weekend of November 10th and 11th 2007 in Clearwater Florida, Tampa Bay Grasshoppers hosted their third annual Veterans Weekend field hockey tournament. Defending champions Gray Dogs were taken to sudden death penalty flicks to out flick their Miami counter parts Miami Surf 3 – 1.

At the end of the round robin host team TB-West was comfortably in first place having finished unbeaten, drawing with Miami Surf 1 – 1, defeating TB-East 6 – 0, and defeating Gray Dogs 1 – 0... In second place was Miami Surf having tied games against Gray Dogs and TB-West and narrowly beating TB-East 1 – 0. TB-East finished third having won over Gray Dogs by default and losing to their stronger TB-West and Miami Surf. Gray dogs having arrived late for their opening encounter against TB-East lost by default, then tied with Miami Surf 0 – 0 before losing to TB-West 1 – 0. In the semi-finals Miami Surf came out stronger and more determined than TB-East who was now short of five of their players who all had earlier appointments. The net results was that Miami Surf won easily 4 – 0. In the other semi final TB-West allowed the umpiring to take them out of their game. Even though they had the greater opportunities they failed to score from the field of play, from penalty corners not even from their penalty stroke. With under a minute to go Gray Dogs “burly striker Robo(Romaine Lindo)” picked up a true pass from their mid field and placed it through TB-West goalkeeper Susan Mulvey’s pads to send Gray Dogs through to the finals. It was a very aggressive game as is most games with Gray Dogs. Congratulations to Charles Sang, Michael Serrette and the Gray Dogs. Some of the bright spots of the tournament were:

The venture of Derek “Degsy” Aspinal into starting his own business RAGE Sporting Apparel specifically for the sport of field hockey. Good luck Degsy and Joy. Tampa Bays ability to organize and run a tournament. Though disappointment struck when Aventura and Florida Seminoles withdrew from the tournament and the last minute cancellation of Central Florida Field Hockey Association. Some outstanding performances by Gray Dogs Leshawn Greaves, Miami Surfs Nicolas Siciliano and TB-West little twelve year old Lindsey Nerbonne were all positive notes to include in the history of the Grasshoppers. Also a special THANKS to all those who umpired under some unwarranted abuse by the players. Umpires you must remember that the game is not a game unless there are umpires. Without the umpires it is only a scrimmage. A SPECIAL THANKS also goes out to all the Grasshoppers for their effort in supplying food and drinks for all in attendance and their marvelous way of cleaning up after the event. Injured players Jackie Lazaro and Teneille Williams your help at the Technical table on Saturday was immeasurable. You were certainly missed on Sunday.

On the whole a good job well done.

TB Veterans Weekend Tournament Standings At the end of play Sunday 11th November 2007:

NameGames PlayedGames WonGames TiedGames LostGoals ForGoals AgainstPoints
TB West3210817
TB East31(DT)02373
Gray Dogs3012(1-DT)041

 TB WestTB EastSurfGray Dogs
TB Westx6 - 01 - 11 - 0
TB East0 - 6x0 - 13 - 0 DT
Surf1 - 11 - 0x0 - 0
Gray Dogs0 - 10 - 3 DT0 - 0x

11:00#2SurfVS#3TB East4 - 0Surf
12:30#1TB WestVS#4Gray Dogs0 - 1Gray Dogs
13:30FinalistSurfVSFinalistGray Dogs1 - 3 et on PSGray Dogs


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